Vigil has changed

The trustees of Vigil GSD Rescue have reluctantly decided that the form and nature of the charity is no longer sustainable. During lockdown the local kennels who were willing to accept dogs who came to us for rescue were not willing for our volunteers to go in and out to handle the dogs. Other kennels closed all together. This of course made our job nearly impossible. At the same time our volunteer force shrank to tiny numbers and has not recovered.

Since the release of restrictions kennels are still difficult to find in an area suitable for the remaining volunteers to access. Many are not willing to take rescues or do not want our volunteers visiting on a regular basis.

Consequently we have made the decision to combine the majority of our resources with another charity called GSD Rescue Elite, which is doing the same job but has a countrywide reach, a huge body of volunteers, a managing team locally and with kennels all round the country.

That charity will take over our guardianship role with all the dogs we have already homed and all our dogs currently in long term foster. They will also take over responsibility for outstanding medical care already agreed with the adopting person.

This means that the purposes for which our money was donated will still be fulfilled, dogs in our adopters’ and foster homes will still be cared for, dogs in need of help will be rescued and the cost-saving benefits of joining up will be realised.

We will also be making some smaller donations to other GSD rescue charities who are caring for german shepherds in need of help and care.

We and the dogs are hugely grateful for the care and the finance given by so many people over the lifetime of the charity and we are determined to support the continued excellent caring work provided by GSD Rescue Elite.

Heather Baker
Chairman of VIGIL GSD Rescue

Happy Dogs

A few German Shepherd’s that we have re-homed since 2020


In his forever home


Playing in the woods


Waiting patiently for treats