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  1. lf for any reason or at any time the CUSTODIAN is unable to keep the Dog he / she agrees to return it to VIGIL.
  2. The Dog MUST NOT be destroyed without the written permission of VIGIL unless a veterinary surgeon certifies in writing to VIGIL that such a course was necessary as a matter of urgency.
  3. The Dog must be housed indoors or in accommodation approved by VIGIL. It must be properly cared for and treatment provided by a veterinary surgeon in the case of illness or accident. It must be given a booster inoculation annually.
  4. The CUSTODIAN agrees to allow a Trustee or member of VIGIL to visit his / her home at a mutually convenient time to ensure that the Dog is happy and settled. That Trustee or member may remove the Dog if the terms and conditions of this Agreement are not being kept.
  5. The Dog shall not be allowed out on its own at any time and must be kept on a lead for not less than the first 21 days in the CUSTODIAN’s possession or until the CUSTODIAN has full control over it.
  6. The CUSTODIAN agrees to insure the Dog against third party claims.
  7. Nobody under the age of 18 years should have sole charge of the Dog.
  8. No Dog or Bitch shall be used for breeding purposes.
  9. No pedigree papers or registration documents will be supplied with the Dog.
  10. The Dog should / must be taken on a course of lessons in general obedience.
  11. The CUSTODIAN understands that the donation given for the Dog is NOT RETURNABLE
  12. The CUSTODIAN understands that they have NOT PURCHASED the dog named above and have only given a donation to VIGIL’s funds.
  13. The CUSTODIAN accepts and agrees that for the purpose of Section 2 of the Dogs Act 1871 or any re-enactment thereof he/she is the owner of the said Dog and that for the purpose of the Animals Act 1971 he/she is the keeper thereof.
  14. The CUSTODIAN hereby indemnifies VIGIL and its members and officers against liabilities that they may incur as a result of the activities of the said Dog whilst it is in the care of the CUSTODIAN such indemnity continuing even after the CUSTODIAN has ceased to care for the Dog until the Dog is returned to VIGIL.
  15. VIGIL agrees to allow the CUSTODIAN to have care of the Dog for as long as the CUSTODIAN abides by the conditions in the schedule.