Please read the following Statement from Vigil Trustees.

There have been many rumours regarding Vigil lately and we would like to address these issues.

Vigil has been going through a lot of internal changes to bring us in line with the working practice of the modern day, this involves changing policies and working practices, to comply with health and safety and data protection laws. Always at the centre of any changes are the welfare and wellbeing of dogs in our care, they always take priority.

We have also made a decision to move the kennelling of our dogs to VonWolf Kennels in Horley. This decision gives us more flexibility in rehoming and viewing of our dogs, with a safe working practice in place from VonWolf and Vigil prospective adoptees are able to visit and view dogs at times more suitable to them.

We would like to thank Treetops for their support over the years and wish them luck in relocating to new premises

A Special thankyou to all our volunteers past and present we look forward to your continued support during this period.

We have had a few teething problems with phones, website etc, during these changes and ask you to bear with use during this transition. If you have any questions or queries please email the honsec in the first instance at