Volunteer some of your time

Please help German Shepherds! They need you and so do we. Here’s a list of tasks we’d love more volunteers to help us with.


Transporting Dogs

We need people to pick up dogs when they come in to us, and take them to kennels, or take them from the kennels to the vets and back again.

Visiting dogs in Kennels

We’d love to have more volunteers who will visit our German Shepherds at the kennels. Grooming, playing with them and stroking them are all helpful, giving them that tender loving care they need.

Dog Walking

We always need German Shepherd savvy volunteers to come and help us walk our dogs at kennels.


We would welcome volunteers who visit the homes of prospective German Shepherd owners to do a home-check.

When a request for a home-check, we’ll call you and ask you to arrange to visit that potential home.

At the home-check, you run through a questionnaire with the would-be owners to help assess whether they would be suitable owners for any of our dogs. We will give you full advice on what to look for when homechecking.

After a home check you let us know how you got on. If there are problems with the potential home we ask you not to fail the home but let us have the full details and the trustees will contact the home and explain the situation so that you are not put in the difficult position of being the person who disappoints someone who lives near to you.